Alumni in the spotlight

Alumni in the spotlight ; celebrating Lisette Lombé


Lisette Lombé, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, was honored on Tuesday April 9, 2024 at ULiège. A teacher, slam artist, poet and novelist, she is now Belgium's new national poetess.

The First Vice-Rector praised her remarkable career since graduating in Romance languages and literature in 2002. The Rector then awarded her the very first "Alumni en lumière" medal at the Salle académique.


Médaille Lisette Lombé

Aurore Thibaut researcher at Giga, spoke of the exchanges and sharing of experiences with Lisette Lombé that led to the latter's publication in the book "Eleven encounters between science and literature: How to look further"ed. L'arbre de Diane (February 17, 2024).

On this occasion, Lisette Lombé captivated the audience, including her former classmates, with a poetic performance imbued with openness, humility and humanity.

Performance de Lisette Lombé

Discover here the highlights of this event.

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